Athlon Charge takes the hassle out of the transition to electric driving

Electric cars are here to stay, and at Athlon we want to ensure that our customers can make the transition from ICEs (internal combustion engine) to EV (electric vehicles) without the slightest hitch. However, customers often have a lot of practical questions. After all, there is not just the vehicle to think about: they need to consider charging as well. Athlon Charge offers a helping hand in the form of a three-part package of services for drivers and fleet managers. The result is a greener fleet, reduced CO2 footprint and genuinely contemporary vehicles that allow your drivers to benefit from the innovations in the automotive industry. Ronald Van Slooten, Athlon International’s e-mobility specialist, tells us more.

Ronald van Slooten

    How would you describe Athlon Charge?

    Ronald: "Athlon Charge helps fleet managers integrate electric vehicles into their existing car policy. Driving an electric car should be a hassle-free experience for both the driver and fleet manager. This is a journey that Athlon and the fleet manager take together, with Athlon as a guide and consultant that helps make fleets greener.

    There are benefits for drivers of electric vehicles as well. We also make sure that the drivers reap the full benefits of electric driving as well. One way we do that is to guide them in choosing the vehicle  which matches their mobility needs and facilitate easy and affordable charging solutions.

    The key is enabling them to charge everywhere: At home, in public places and at work. Drivers are given access to a handy app that contains an overview of all the charging stations in their area. At the touch of a button, they can charge their vehicle at one of these stations using the Athlon Charge Card or the key fob supplied."

    What services are included in Athlon Charge?

    Ronald: "Firstly, we have Consult & Manage, which is aimed at fleet managers. It’s a tailor-made analysis of their fleet, supporting transition to e-mobility in the  car policy and providing information and tips to help this policy succeed. The result will be a greener and more efficient fleet.

    Secondly, Configure & Calculate enables our customers to select the right vehicles for their needs. It is based on the total cost of ownership (TCO), including the cost of charging an electric car at home, in public and at work. The end result is an offer that represents the best value for money.

    The Charge & Support feature is intended for the driver of the car. It offers charging solutions tailored to their needs (including installation, payment and maintenance), as well as the Athlon Charge app, charging card and key fob."

    What advice can you give to fleet managers when it comes to charging solutions?

    Ronald: "No company can tackle all the challenges that the EV transition presents single-handedly. You need a partner who can take on charging station infrastructure as well as the actual vehicles. In order for drivers to charge their cars as efficiently as possible, it is crucial to focus on charging at home and at the office now and in the near future. Our Consult & Manage services helps you to prepare for this transition."

    What advice can you give drivers when it comes to charging their electric vehicle?

    Ronald: "Seize every opportunity to charge. If you are at the office, at home or visiting a customer – in that order– plug in your vehicle and charge it while it is parked outside. That will help you avoid range anxiety, while increasing your car’s charging efficiency and keeping costs as low as possible."

    Why is Athlon the go-to-partner for an EV fleet?

    Ronald: "As the fleet and service aggregator in the e-mobility ecosystem, we are accountable to businesses as the partner that provides the best possible support in their transition to e-mobility, the management of their assets and related services. As an early adopter with more than ten years of experience in electric mobility, we fully understand the challenges and the solutions to tackle them. That puts us in an ideal position to give our customers a hassle-free experience of driving electric vehicles."