Expert Session: Self-service mobility management with MyAthlon

Imagine a quick and easy online portal that enables Athlon customers to manage their everyday mobility needs at the touch of a button. We spoke to Head of Product MyAthlon  Vincent Blijleven about how the MyAthlon self-service platform makes life simpler for drivers, fleet managers and financial departments, and about the new features planned for the near future.

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    How would you define MyAthlon?

    Vincent: "MyAthlon is the international online one-stop-shop where Athlon customers can manage their mobility products and services. The online tool helps to manage the entire process of choosing a car, calculating quotes, coordinating lease contracts, managing car policies, reporting, and self-servicing cars and contracts. As such, it offers a wide range of functionalities for our drivers, fleet managers, and finance managers across multiple countries. It is quick and easy to use and always up to date."

    What features does this online tool offer?

    "There is a specific set of functionalities for each type of user. Drivers, for instance, have access to a module that enables them to search for, configure, calculate, and order new lease cars, and a self-service module to update personal details, request various documents, report damage, claim expenses, request new fuel cards etc. Functionalities for fleet managers include reporting tools that provide comprehensive fleet-related insights, a module to search for, configure, and calculate new lease cars for drivers, and a self-service environment where fleet managers can do their most frequent tasks themselves without needing to contact Athlon (including among others driver and/or company changes, contract recalculations, early terminations and rental vehicles). Last but not least, finance managers can use the finance profile to view their financial IFRS reports."

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    How does MyAthlon simplify the lives of Athlon’s customers, both locally and internationally?

    "To make sure we address the right needs and genuinely simplify our customers’ lives, we actively involve customers in the design and development of MyAthlon. For example, we recently hosted multiple panels of fleet managers and drivers to get feedback on our work in progress and help us prioritise the development work to be done. Our mission is to ensure that MyAthlon offers the features that enable our customers to do their work as effectively and efficiently as possible – 24/7 and 365 days a year. On top of that, we insist on great usability and a sleek look and feel."

    What are the trends in the leasing market when it comes to self-service?

    "Research has shown that the percentage of customers who prefer self-service is growing year by year. This is particularly true for standard, everyday requests such as drivers who need to update their address or report damage, or fleet managers who want to recalculate a contract. Having a user-friendly self-service environment rich in functionalities really improves customer satisfaction, and satisfied customers are at the heart of our company’s strategy. Today’s customers expect answers now, not tomorrow. The longer it takes to respond, the less satisfied they will be. We have therefore made great progress in this area in recent years. The coronavirus pandemic has provided significant extra impetus as well. Another trend is for next-generation self-service based on data-driven predictive servicing. For instance, predictive analytics can be used to reach out to drivers proactively, letting them know when they need to get their vehicle serviced or their tyres replaced. That reduces the risk of breakdowns. Sending proactive offers to fleet managers to recalculate their contracts could save them money."

    Where is the tool available at present? And what are your plans for MyAthlon in the future?

    "MyAthlon is currently available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France, with varying functionalities. We have a clear ambition to make the portal available to customers in other countries as well. What is more, we will be introducing a mobile app later this year. It will enable drivers to access their self-service functionalities anytime, anywhere. We are genuinely excited about the progress we are making and cannot wait to share the new features and improvements with our customers soon."