Athlon Subscription: the easy way to tailor a flexible company car plan to your needs

In our Mobility Navigator series, we’ll guide you through the complex mobility landscape. In this article, we explore a new type of leasing contract, as the drivers’ and fleet managers’ needs are constantly changing. Our mission? We won’t rest until your mobility journey is crystal-clear!

    “We saw the changing mobility needs of the sector, and we acted on it,”

    For companies with a user-chooser policy, a desire to temporarily reshape their fleet or plans to offer more flexible contracts to all types of workers, the timing is perfect. Athlon Subscription, currently available in Germany, offers drivers and fleet managers a new level of freedom when choosing a company car. “We saw the changing mobility needs of the sector, and we acted on it,” says Dr. Mark-Philipp Wilhelms, International Product Manager at Athlon.  

    A large choice of stock EVs, hybrids and ICE vehicles, an opportunity to configure contracts extensively and a flat monthly fee. Those are the 3 pillars underlying Athlon’s Subscription service. According to Mark-Philipp Wilhelms, International Product Manager at Athlon and Swar Joshi, Product Manager for Subscription, it’s exactly the type of flexibility that drivers and fleet managers are craving in 2022 and beyond.


    A hybrid solution

    “It was clear that we needed a product that went beyond the traditional 4-year leasing contract, says Mark-Philipp.” We felt that companies and fleet managers were looking for an on-demand, full-service solution that still offered choices to drivers. That’s why we came up with this ‘hybrid’ solution that’s really adjusted to their lifestyles, with a monthly cancelation option after the minimum duration of 6 months.”

    “We came up with a new solution that’s in line with Athlon’s 5 step mobility plan, that let’s customers reevaluate their mobility needs at regular intervals,” adds Swar. “With Athlon Subscription, maintenance, taxation, repairs and insurance are all on us. The only thing you have to do as a driver is pick your vehicle of choice and pay for fuel or charging. It’s easy as pie.”

    Athlon Subscription - How does it work?

    1. Select your make and model

    Select your make and model in the digital Athlon Subscription showroom. Don’t worry, it’s easy to navigate. You can filter based on contract duration, fuel type, model/make, and other options.

    2. Choose the duration of your contract

    Choose the duration of your contract. Right now, the minimum duration in Germany is 6 months. There are also 9, 12 and 24 months options. The longer your contractual commitment, the cheaper your subscription.

    3. Pick a mileage package and customize deductible options

    Pick a mileage package according to the number of kilometers you plan to drive and customize deductible options.

    We’re experimenting with other services for drivers, like charging packages for electric vehicles. Don’t hesitate to contact your Athlon rep and let us know which services you would like to have included in your Athlon Subscription package.

    Hundreds of contracts

    Although the service is only available in Germany right now, it’s bound to be introduced in other countries as well, like France. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive,” Mark-Philipp adds. “Not just because of the flexibility that people have definitely been craving, but also because it’s the perfect opportunity to try out a new type of vehicle.”

    Swar: “It’s a good idea to try out an EV for example, and, in particular, a specific model you’ve been interested in for a long time. With rental, you usually pick a broad category. With Athlon Subscription, you’re choosing stock vehicles that are available with very short delivery times, like the Polestar Model 2 for example. It’s perfect for today’s world. The short contracts allow you to quickly adjust to changing economic conditions and the demands of employees – and tailor to new hybrid working policies at the same time. It’s definitely created a buzz in Germany.”

    “Trying out an EV of your liking is easy as 1-2-3 with Athlon Subscription.” - Swar Joshi, Product Manager at Athlon

    Ultra-quick delivery with reliable stock cars from different makes

    To offer ultrafast service, Athlon Subscription relies on stock cars. The German showroom, for example, currently offers 16 models, and it’s continuously expanding. Model, make and color are always predefined.

    You pick the model and make and enjoy super-quick delivery. From Mercedes-Benz and BMW models to Polestar and Ford: the selection keeps increasing.



    A sustainable choice

    With an extensive selection of electric vehicles, Athlon Subscription is a viable option for companies that are determined to attain certain sustainability objectives. For workers, too, environmental concerns are playing an ever greater role in decision-making, prompting the need for more flexible plans that include zero-emission EVs. It could even help companies become an employer of choice for potential new candidates.

    “Subscription gives drivers the freedom to try all kinds of vehicles,” Swar continues. “It also enables fleet managers to become more driver-centric without having to worry too much about the rigid time constraints of contracts. It's all-inclusive, with very easy configuration options. And of course, its flexibility is the most important part. With this service, you’ll never feel locked in as a driver or fleet manager.”

    Need to know more?

    Stay updated on Athlon Subscription: keep an eye on our website for availability in your country or explore the possibilities with your Athlon representative.