Connected cars: a world of comfort

How would you like to make your drivers more comfortable. And make their lives easier? All while reducing your costs? Do it with connected cars.

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    What’s a connected car?

    The simple answer? A connected car is connected to the internet. The connection is made with a mobile connection, pretty much the same way a mobile phone is connected to the internet.

    Convenience and communication

    Imagine you’re driving home. A traffic jam appears ahead. Not a problem. You ask your car to find an alternative route. Maybe you ask for cinema times. Or any other question. Perhaps you give your car orders. Your car then takes a quick look around the internet and gives you the answers you need. You don’t need to take your eyes off the road.

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    Information and insights

    Fleet managers benefit too. A connected car gives you its maintenance status, fuel consumption and even tells you the number of kilometers driven. Insights like this make fleet organization run more efficiently than ever. And they make it easy to focus on cost savings.

    Want to save on costs?

    When you know how many kilometers a car has driven, it’s easy to calculate how many kilometers it will drive before the lease contract ends. Are you likely to zip past the limits in the contract? Take action. Arrange a change to your contract.

    A range of connections

    How will you include EV into your fleet? We look forward to discussing the possibilities with you. A wide range of car manufacturers have already developed their own connectivity programs:


    Mercedes-Benz introduced Mercedes Me
    Ford introduced FordPass
    General Motors introduced OnStar
    Toyota introduced Toyota Connected
    BMW introduced Connected Drive