Whitepaper 'eVans ready to take over in 2023'

The eVan market is maturing fast, so the time to start thinking about moving towards eVans is now. This whitepaper helps you get into the details of a transition towards eVans, and ahead of the game.

eVans Whitepaper Athlon

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    eVans are the sleeping giant of eMobility. In 2021, only 1.9% of overall van registrations in Europe were for electric vans. But the tide is turning. According to Frost and Sullivan, the share of eVans will be up to 40% by 2030. In this whitepaper, we share some essential insights.

    But as every company has its own unique profile, you’ll need to find a plan and pace that feels right for you. So in addition to providing essential information like this whitepaper, Athlon guides fleet managers and business owners in making the transition towards an electric van fleet and stepping into the future - a future we will build together.

    Athlon, your co-driver towards a more sustainable future

    A glimpse of things we can help you with

    → Selecting fit-for-purpose vehicles
    → Assessing charging solutions
    → Consulting on the required ecosystem
    → Advising on a futureproof subscription, rental and lease mix
    → Offering try-out programs

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