How to minimise the impact of rising fleet costs

When it comes to fleet management, what is your biggest concern? For most fleet managers and employees, it comes down to running costs, in particular from longer delivery times and rising energy prices. So, how can you minimise your running costs?


    8 ways to minimise your fleet’s running costs

    As the expression says, small changes soon add up. And that’s true when it comes to controlling your rising fleet costs. Keep reading to discover our useful tips on how to minimise your fleet’s running costs, plus some helpful hints to share with your employees.

    1. Keep your fleet up to date
      The older your fleet is, the higher the running costs will be. Think of increased maintenance needs, lower fuel efficiency, and more. However, it’s important to plan wisely when you update your fleet as delivery times are currently longer than normal, with EVs and hybrids taking longer than ICE cars to be delivered.

    2. Evaluate your current vehicle needs
      Underutilised vehicles are a drain on your fleet, but are you sure that the utilised vehicles in your fleet match what you need? For example, while vans of all sizes can be used for deliveries, if the van is too big it’ll use more fuel than necessary, but if it’s too small, it could result in more journeys and costs in the long run.

    3. Ensure the flexibility of your fleet
      It’s often a good idea to move vehicles between drivers to ensure even mileage across your fleet. However, this can require a clear mobility policy, plus a relatively uniform fleet to reduce the potential for discussions. You might also find it useful to increase your flexibility by leasing petrol or diesel cars for shorter periods, such as 24 or 36 months, so you can react more quickly to changes. Also important: keep an eye on fiscal changes for they have a direct effect on the cost for both employer as employee.

    4. Improve driver behaviour
      If you had to retake your driving test today, would you pass with flying colours? While all your employees have successfully passed their driving test, there’s a good chance they’ve picked up some bad habits since then. A course to refresh their knowledge can improve their driving efficiency, which has a positive impact on your costs.

    5. Monitor fuel consumption
      Rising fleet costs are partly due to the rising fuel costs. It’s recommended to monitor your fuel card reporting and intervene when you notice anything unusual.

    6. Transition from a car policy to a mobility policy
      It’s time for a new way of travelling, which means a new mobility policy. This new type of policy helps change the way your employees view their transport options, asking them to evaluate if each journey is necessary or if it could be replaced by an online meeting. It also encourages employees not to lend their company car to their partner when they’re homeworking as a way to reduce their personal expenses.

    7. Follow up on your reporting
      While there are costs associated with good reporting software, the return on investment makes it worth it. The data generated can clearly show you where you can intervene to reduce fleet costs and how to proactively plan for the future, which is particularly important if you manage an international fleet.

    8. Maintain your fleet
      Good maintenance can make the difference when it comes to your costs. To give an example, worn tyres impact fuel efficiency and costs as well as being dangerous.

    Minimise the running costs: what can employees do?

    When it comes to minimize the running costs of the fleet, there is a part that can be done by the fleetmanager. But also employees can help minimizing those rising costs.

    How employees minimize the rising costs

    Your next steps

    Efficient fleet management doesn’t happen overnight. It needs daily attention to ensure that your fleet remains tailored to your specific solution, while meeting your long-term vision and reducing the running costs of your fleet.

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