Leading the way: Katja Psarros

Creating real impact, step by step: that’s what drives the Athlon team every day. As Trainer CX (customer experience) at Athlon Germany, Katja Psarros believes in leading by example. Let’s look at how she experiences working at Athlon, and how she tries to make a difference daily.

    1. How are you leading the way for customers or colleagues?

    Because of my German mentality combined with my Greek roots, I am driven by a special passion that captivates both colleagues and customers. I believe in relationships based on respect and trust.

    2. Where do you think your professional career will lead you?

    I love inspiring people, change and transformation. So, wherever the wind will take me, I’ll embrace new experiences with a positive mindset.

    3. What's your passion outside of work?

    I love cooking! 🍽 When I’m not busy enjoying a new culinary experience, I sometimes go jogging or diving.

    4. What made you join Athlon?

    The start-up mentality convinced me back in 1993. And I still love the lively atmosphere, team spirit and hands-on approach today.

    5. What's the kindest thing a colleague ever did for you?

    I have too many memories that qualify to answer this question. But I’ll never forget those long evenings before a deadline when we eat pizza together at the office. 🍕

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