Minimize the running costs: what can employees do?

When it comes to minimize the running costs of the fleet, there is a part that can be done by the fleetmanager. But also employees can help minimizing those rising costs. Keep reading to discover eight useful tips to share with employees.

    8 ways to inspire your employees to help minimize the running costs of company vehicles

    1. Investigate your mobility options
      Instead of always reaching for your car keys, ask yourself if the journey is necessary. If you need to travel, look into different mobility options to find the right transport option for the trip, maybe it’d be better to go by bike or train and leave your car at home.

    2. Maintain your vehicle well
      Regular services including tyre checks and seasonal tyre changes can make the difference when it comes to helping reduce fuel consumption, increasing vehicle uptime, and improving your safety on the roads.

    3. Working from home for you and your car
      It goes without saying that if you’re homeworking, then your company car is at home too.

    4. Be smart when filling up
      Be careful where you fill up your tank so you don’t choose the most expensive filling station in the area. Always drive with fuel efficiency in mind. For example: don’t drive with your windows open, avoid unnecessary heavy loads, remove empty roof boxes, stick to the speed limit, etc.

    5. Drive smart
      Safe and sensible driving might not sound fun, but it helps avoid damage and accidents, which reduces costs.

    6. Choose the right new car for you
      When you’re asked about your new car, choose an environmentally friendly vehicle. As well as being better for the planet, it’s also fiscally interesting for both you and your employer.

    7. Be flexible about mobility
      As delivery times for new vehicles are becoming longer, there’s a chance you’ll need to temporarily drive another car before receiving your preferred one.

    8. Treat your company car as if it was your own car
      Even though this is obvious, it’s worth repeating.

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