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Responding to the wishes of employees

PageGroup's challenge: responding to te changing wishes of employees and dealing with parking issues in large cities. "Athlon helped us to look for alternative solutions." 

Olivier Macpherson - Regional finance director at PageGroup

    This is PageGroup

    PageGroup is a large company from Amsterdam that specializes in the recruitment of professionals for permanent and interim positions. The organization consists of 300 employees and manages a fleet of 170 cars. PageGroup is increasingly faced with dilemmas when it comes to mobility. This has to do with general changes in mobility, changing wishes of employees, but also with costs. 

    Olivier Macpherson tells...

    In and around major cities we see problems in the field of mobility. This is mainly due to parking spaces. They're scarce and expensive. It's not surprising that employees opt more often for money than for a traditional lease car. They prefer to arrange their transport themselves. A mobility card and shared cars would solve a lot of problems. That's why we called in Athlon for help.

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    With Athlon Share, shared cars can easily be planned and booked online. Young people in particular want to participate in the car sharing system. They have no parking space, attach less value to car ownership and are financially compensated. We now have three shared cars that are sufficient for the mobility needs of 15 people. That is a ratio of one in five! 

    Employees can also choose for a bicycle or an electric scooter. When they do this, they receive a financial compensation from us. The enthusiasm for this is also surprisingly high. We see that efficient transport is more popular nowadays. For example, a small car is not only more convenient, but the tax addition is also more attractive.

    Thanks Athlon

    Our goal was to reduce the number of cars in our fleet and to compensate participants financially. With the help of Athlon, this worked out very well! It was not just about saving costs. I think it's more important that we identify the needs of employees. We also want to pay the differences between a budget and their wishes. Offering good mobility - tailored to the wishes of employees - is part of being a good employer.

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