All you should know about SecondDrive

Used cars as part of your fleet & mobility policy? YES! ‘It sure has many advantages, especially in times when flexibility and cost efficiency are high on the agenda of many organizations.’ says our colleague Kees Swildens.  

Different lease cars on parkinglot

    1. What is SecondDrive?

    In a nutshell: With SecondDrive, Athlon offers top quality used cars to business customers in a full service formula through a digital market place. The lease of a used car is one of the many fleet and mobility solutions companies should consider for their corporate fleet. The available stock is a reflection of Athlon’s fleet, and we aim to have a broad variety in categories and types of vehicles available.

    2. What are the benefits of SecondDrive?

    Leasing a used car has many advantages. SecondDrive's leasing period is shorter. So less financial risk, very cost efficient and more flexible. All selected cars are young second-hand-vehicles of which Athlon has always been the owner. We know its track record. And the customer as well. The vehicle’s ownership and maintenance history is available on the website. So first come, first served.

    3. What is your advice to customers who are thinking about offering SecondDrive to their employees?

    Seek advice from your Athlon contact person before implementing used car leasing in a fleet & mobility policy. Because of generally lower costs, it might mean that the group of employees you offer lease cars to can be expanded. This might make you more attractive as an employer. Another advantage is that these vehicles are available much faster since you are not dependent on the manufacturer. In any case, you should always consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Compare the different TCO’s of the vehicles you are interested in, this way you know you are making the right decision.

    Is the choice based on the need to have a company car available immediately? Then there may be other alternatives to consider as well. Reallocate end of contract vehicles of your own fleet of cars as pool vehicles to new starters or opt for a rental car. A third option is the lease of a new vehicle that’s in stock. It will get to you in a quicker time than if it were a factory order and it’s easier to plan for.

    Kees Swildens in electric car

    4. Is SecondDrive a match for all types of organizations?

    In the beginning, the users were mainly starters, freelancers, SME’s and sole entrepreneurs. Nowadays, leasing of a used car has become common and at Athlon we see a higher interest of our corporate customers in order to manage the infleet demand or lower their cost of fleet. The advantages and disadvantages of SecondDrive apply to all companies, big and small.

    5. Why should customers choose Athlon as partner for a leasing a second hand vehicle?

    Athlon has over than 400,000 cars in the European portfolio, meaning we have a broad range of young, high-quality cars available for Second Drive as well. The selection is continuously updated. On top of that we have the expertise and the people that make the difference. Consulting and advising our customers on the path to tailor-made mobility.