Top 5 most read Athlon articles of 2022

Below you’ll find the top 5 most read articles we published in 2022. The list is a vivid testimony of the wide range of services we offer our customers and the expertise of our employees, as well as the interest that our readers show in the topics we discuss.

Top 5 most read articles of 2022

    1. Navigating your way to an electric fleet (whitepaper)

    As organisations increasingly transition to an electric fleet, they realize that this means more than simply ordering an electric vehicle. This whitepaper shows how going electric can spark the rethink you need to future-proof your mobility strategy.

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    2. Shortage semiconductors affects automotive industry

    The automotive industry has been facing a global shortage of semiconductors for some time. This global issue has an impact not only on our automotive industry but also on your fleet management and your current and future orders.

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    3. TCO for electric cars: 5 key questions

    Driving your company towards green mobility has never been easier. Figuring out the costs of an electric fleet on the other hand, can be quite a hassle. By answering five questions, you’ll be up to speed with the the financial specifics of fleet electrification in no time.

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    4. All you should know about Athlon SecondDrive

    Used cars as part of your fleet & mobility policy? Yes! It has a lot of advantages, especially in times when flexibility and cost efficiency are high on the agenda of so many organizations.

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    5. Taking your EV on holiday

    Is it feasible to take an electric car on holiday? And if so, what’s the best way to do it?These are important questions, so some of our colleagues selflessly cast their normal work aside to bravely go on holiday in search of the answers.

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