Careers at Athlon

Pleased to meet you! We are Athlon.

Athlon is an international provider of operational vehicle leasing and mobility solutions. We are active in eleven European countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Switserland and Portugal. The Athlon leasing portfolio includes approximately 225,000 active contracts. In Belgium, Athlon has put 40,000 vehicles on the road; we are the third largest player in the market. Athlon supplies more than just lease vehicles. We are there for everyone who needs a modern mobility solution. At Athlon, everything revolves around the mobility of our clients. Thanks to our fresh perspective, we search for and find innovations that offer you the possibility of travelling from A to B at the right time with the right form of transport. Whether you want to travel by car, by train or make your way to the office by bike. Athlon offers it all. As a company, we already have plenty of mileage on the clock. Did you know that in Belgium, we were the first leasing company to offer a full-service vehicle leasing contract to one of its clients? Or that Athlon won the International Fleet Industry Award with FlexDrive? And that in 2015 we were crowned ‘Clean Rental Company of the Year’? We are happy to keep our service as personal as possible.

Our mission?

Athlon want to be the best provider of vehicle leasing and mobility solutions for the ever-changing needs of our clients.

  • We are committed to taking a personal, client-oriented approach.
  • We lead the way in the areas of new and upcoming marketing trends and technologies.
  • We provide sustainable products, services and advice that reduce the total costs of mobility.
  • We offer operational excellence and superior added value to our clients and share-holders.

Would you like to make our team stronger?

Do you have a drive for mobility? Are our philosophy and way of working what you’re looking for in an employer? Then take a look at or apply directly. We look forward to seeing what drives you!



Perhaps this will become your new workplace. Looking forward to meeting you!

Innovative office concept

Our innovative office concept with new working methods is the nicest example of how we have broken away from customs in the real estate world. There are no set workplaces anymore! And you can throw away the archive cabinets and isolated meeting rooms. Transparency, collaboration between departments and countries, flexible rosters and more. We are happy to open our doors for visits from companies who want to see our concept at work and listen to our story. Best of all, every employee has made their contribution to create this unique whole. And they continue to do so, each and every day.

Our garden

No nicely mown lawns and weed-free paths around our workplace! Because here we give fauna and flora the chance to develop optimally. This is best done in a garden with various indigenous wild flowers and plant species. Without the use of pesticides. It means allowing a deceased tree to stand where it is because it gives other lifeforms the chance to thrive. We agree that for someone who drives by, a nicely kept lawn gives more of the feel of a carefully maintained garden. But the company garden through which we wander every day, is already a great deal more sustainable than the gardens we have at home. Authenticity is what it’s all about for us.