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10 arguments in favour of plug-in hybrids

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Those who believed coronavirus and low fuel prices would lead to a return to conventional engines are proven wrong. Many Belgian companies are now turning to PHEVs, which isn’t surprising when you understand their many strengths.

Athlon has listed the top 10 benefits here: 

1. Plug-in hybrids are cheaper than 100% electric models, while also being 100% tax deductible (in most cases).
2. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a plug-in vehicle is often lower than that of a conventional car, when you take into account the tax effect and fuel costs.
3. The Benefit in Kind (BIK) to be paid by the user is significantly lower than that of a petrol or diesel version.
4. With a plug-in hybrid, you may find it easier to park. Indeed, public charging stations are currently underused and offer a reserved parking space for plug-in hybrid drivers.
5. A plug-in hybrid does not require a wallbox at home - a €690 Nexxtender charging cable is enough to measure how much kWh is consumed to charge and to bill the costs to the employer.
6. Plug-in hybrids will be welcome for a long time in the low emission zones (LEZ). They can save their battery to drive in 100% electric mode in the city centre.
7. The choice of available models increases from month to month - and there is something for everyone: from the compact hatchback (e.g. VW Golf) to the big SUV (e.g. BMW X5) .
8. The batteries of the most recent plug-in hybrids have a capacity of 10 to 15 kWh, which is enough to travel between 40 and 60 kilometres in electric mode.
9. Plug-in hybrid technology is also suitable for high-mileage drivers. Indeed, Mercedes-Benz provides rechargeable diesel models in the C, E, GLC and GLE Class.
10. Athlon has negotiated special discounts on several plug-in models. Check them out here.

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