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Three ways to save costs without sacrificing mobility

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Many companies have made cost control a top priority and fleet managers are expected to play their role in this important mission. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce fleet costs without affecting mobility or employee satisfaction.


  1. Choose flexible rental formulas - when the economy is uncertain, a flexible rental formula is like a breath of fresh air. It means the duration of the contract is adaptable and can be terminated freely beyond a minimum period. With Athlon MiniLease, contract duration varies between a month and a year. While with Athlon ShortLease, you can terminate the contract after a year, extend it or switch to an operational lease, depending on your situation.

    2. Favour the mobility budget – teleworking is growing in popularity and is favoured by many workers (and bosses) as a durable solution – for a few days a week at least. One result is that company cars are being driven fewer kilometres, which opens the door to an alternative mobility budget. The employee may prefer a smaller or more ecological car with a lower BIK, accompanied by a leased bicycle and / or other forms of mobility.

    3. Offer Bikelease – increasing numbers of people are discovering the comfort and pleasure of the electric bike to get to work. Those who travel by bicycle don’t use a company car, which equates to great savings for employers. Studies have also shown that commuters on bicycles are healthier and less often on sick leave. Indeed, physical exercise increases resistance to illness and the feeling of well-being. This is an indirect way to amortize (largely) the Athlon Bikelease.


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