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5 ways to reduce downtime

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Managing a van is much more involved than a passenger car. There are also a lot of indirect costs that you have to take into account, including the van being out of action, lost working hours and administration. All these things can be described as downtime. How do you limit your downtime and save time, resources and money?

Here are five ways you can reduce downtime:

  1. Go for all-season tyres. Driving to the tyre centre or garage twice a year to swap your summer tyres for winter tyres (and vice versa) costs time, money and kilometres. Plus your van is out of action while it’s at the tyre centre or garage. All-season tyres offer significant savings because they can be used all year round. 
  2. Get a multi-brand fuel card. Refuelling can be a time-consuming activity if drivers have to stick to a certain network and therefore regularly make a detour. Why not just stop at the nearest petrol station? With a multi-brand fuel card, you can. Every time you fill up, this gets added to the same invoice, which also saves a lot of administration.
  3. Find a one-stop-shop. Maintenance at one garage, repairs at another, and tyre changes at the tyre centre: this isn’t the most efficient use of time. You’re better off combining these and getting them all carried out at the same place.
  4. Opt for pick-up and delivery. Thinking about getting your own staff to do maintenance or take the van in for its annual technical inspection during work hours? This is an expensive way to do it. Instead, a pick-up & delivery service is a much more cost-effective alternative.
  5. Ensure there’s a replacement vehicle during maintenance. Having staff sitting idle while maintenance is carried out can only mean lost revenue. A replacement van is the way to solve this problem. 

A full-service package

There is actually an interesting all-in package that offers these five things as standard: Athlon VanLease. This full-service leasing for LCVs takes all this overhead off your plate, allowing you to remain a fully operational company.

You can also choose to add an option for a check-up to be carried out twice a year. Our technician comes to you, performs various checks on the vehicle and takes it for a test drive. This way, any potential problems are addressed before they start to escalate.

Leasing, isn’t that expensive?

You might think that leasing is an expensive solution. But if you take everything into account, you’ll realise this isn’t the case. Taking care of operational management yourself is a time-consuming activity. If your employees have to take the van in for inspection, to the tyre centre or to the garage during work hours, then this isn’t a cost-effective solution either.

Add to that the fact you have to arrange replacement vehicles yourself and do the entire administrative follow-up and you start to see why managing your own light commercial vehicles comes with a terrifyingly high price tag.

In addition, every hour that your panel van, chassis cab, dump truck, refrigerated van or any other light commercial vehicle is stationary means a potential loss of income.

TCU: the complete picture

If you want to weigh up managing your own vans versus Athlon VanLease, you have to add up all the usual costs – the purchase price, insurance, maintenance and repairs, road tax, tyres and fuel – as well as the costs mentioned above that crop up with the technical and administrative management of your vans.

The figure you get is known as the Total Cost of Use (TCU). Based on the TCU, you can compare apples with apples and make an informed decision. Remember as well that all unforeseen technical costs are included with VanLease. And with VanLease you also don’t have to worry about reselling your vans at the end of their use cycle.

So all in all, Athlon VanLease is much more cost-effective than you might think!

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Want to know more about the true cost of your vans and how you can keep it in check? Then read our handy TCU guide.

The benefits Athlon VanLease brings to your company can be found here.

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