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Athlon BikeLease in practice: hassle-free from A to Z

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All the benefits and services of a full-service lease contract, but tailored to the bike: that’s what Athlon is offering with BikeLease. To do this, it relies on professional support from Ctec Mobility Solutions. They not only provide an efficient online platform, but also boast a national network of more than 500 independent bike shops.

No matter where you live, there’ll be a bike shop affiliated with the Ctec network close by. From advice on which bike to choose to drawing up a quotation and placing an order, through delivery and maintenance to any necessary repairs: these Ctec Points take care of it all. This is the result of a global all-in vision, something that CEO Michel Lagasse is passionate about sharing.

Michel, how does Athlon BikeLease work in practice? 

It is a tailor-made product that we’ve developed together with Athlon which makes life really easy for the customer. Based on the budget you decide, you can choose from the wide range of bikes at your local Ctec Point. Once you’ve found your ideal bike, you can request a quote. Once it’s been approved, your bike will be ordered. From then on, Ctec will keep an eye on the delivery time for you. Then after a period of time, the moment has arrived: you can pick up your bike. You’ll get some explanations, an insurance certificate and off you go!

How does maintenance and breakdown assistance work? 

Once a year you’ll receive an online voucher for two maintenance visits. This allows you to have any required servicing carried out at the Ctec Point. If you run into problems while you’re on the road, for example a flat tire, you can call Ctec Assistance. A technician will be sent to fix the problem there and then. If that doesn’t work, they’ll take you and your bike to wherever you need to be – a Ctec Point of your choice, your workplace, back home...

What are the benefits of Athlon BikeLease and a partner like Ctec?

We are experts in the field and have years of experience. We offer more than 200 quality brands, each of which has dozens of models. Good advice is also important, and that’s the service our Ctec Point specialists provide the Athlon cyclist. With its low monthly cost, BikeLease also makes the kind of bikes you wouldn’t normally buy affordable. You’re also paying for it with your gross salary rather than your net salary, and your bike is also insured against theft. Last but not least: everything is handled from A to Z via our online platform – a big selling point of the entire BikeLease process for the employee, the employer and the Ctec Point.

What advice would you give to a ‘BikeLeaser-to-be’?

Choose a bike that’s right for you. Make sure you get the correct frame and wheel size so that you’re sitting on your bike comfortably, and you avoid neck or back pain. Also choose a model that’s appropriate for your everyday use. For example, if you’re a city commuter and you only go cycling in the forest now and again, don’t get a mountain bike. Don’t buy a battery that’s too large either, as that’s just a waste of money. And finally: order early, because the huge demand on the one hand and supply problems at the manufacturers on the other hand can increase the time you’ll have to wait.

Do you want to know more about the advantages of BikeLease?

Feel free to contact us now. Together we will cycle to a green and advantageous mobility! 

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