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Athlon supports shared mobility with Poppy

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Poppy, D'Ieteren's car-sharing service, is expanding its fleet with 125 Opel Corsas. It found Athlon to be the ideal partner for both leasing and maintenance services. In this way, Athlon and Poppy are uniting to strengthen the alternative mobility offer and support healthcare workers in Brussels.

Poppy's striking red cars, e-scooters and kick-scooters are now a familiar sight in Antwerp and Brussels. In our capital, the fleet will expand to include 125 Opel Corsa cars. These will be delivered in phases by the Van Mossel garage from Antwerp. Last week they accelerated 60 of the 125 cars on the track. So that Poppy can offer these 60 cars to the care staff of Brussels free of charge within the context of #steunonzehelden ('support our heroes').

Athlon Service Centres as a one-stop shop for maintenance

Athlon will manage and maintain the vehicles for Poppy. Maintenance, tyre changes and repairs will be carried out by Athlon Service Centres, the one-stop shop for all our car services. After each service, the cars will also be washed. Athlon employees can pick up the cars when necessary, and then bring them back on the road quickly.

Commitment to alternative mobility

The collaboration with Poppy fits perfectly into the future vision of Athlon. Els Descamps, Commercial Director of Athlon Belgium: "We strongly believe in the future of shared mobility.. We're happy to work with a progressive partner like Poppy."

Shared mobility is not unknown territory for Athlon. "Through our Athlon Share initiative, companies are given the opportunity to share company cars on business parks. We also promote other alternative forms of mobility. For example, we were one of the first leasing companies to launch bicycle leasing. And with the Flex drive formula, employees can spend their leasing budget more freely and combine their leasing car, for example, with the rental of a holiday car."

Interested in our offer of alternative mobility? Please contact us.

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