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5 tips for avoiding end-of-contract damage

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Is an employee returning their lease car? End-of-contract damage might lead to disputes. So avoid damage as much as possible. What can fleet managers do to avoid damage to their fleet? Find out with these five tips.

When lease cars are returned, Athlon applies the objective criteria and guidelines established by Renta, the Belgian Vehicle Rental Association. Athlon does not charge for ordinary wear and tear, such as damage from loose chippings on the bonnet, or minor wear and tear to the interior of delivery vans. If there is abnormal damage, you or the driver will be charged the amount of the vehicle’s loss of value. If you have a passenger car every form of wear and tear to the interior will be reported and charged, unless the scratches can be removed with product.

1. Raise awareness and inform drivers

This makes it important to motivate your drivers to take good care of their vehicles. Give them handy tips, such as advice on using car seat protectors and protective boot liners. Advise them to remove bird droppings immediately before they damage the paintwork. Drivers who maintain and drive their car respectfully and with common sense will not cause abnormal damage.

2. Get the lease cars serviced regularly

Ask your drivers to get their cars looked at a minimum of once a year by an accredited garage or the Athlon Service Center. This means problems can be traced in time, limiting the damage.

It is also sensible to get the lease cars looked at before returning them. That gives you time for any repairs that might be needed. Does your company have a dry, covered area with sufficient light and space? If so, these inspections can even be done at your office.

3. Repair damage as quickly as possible

Has a driver reported damage to their car? Get it repaired as quickly as possible by a bodywork company that is accredited by Athlon. That will stop the problem from getting worse. Please note: poor repairs by non-accredited suppliers are considered to be unacceptable damage. So do also make it clear to drivers that they should not repair minor scratches or dents themselves. That only makes the damage worse.

4. Find out about the bill for damage

Is there abnormal damage to the lease vehicle? A damage matrix will be used to pass on the cost of the car’s loss in value, which is not the same as the cost of repairing it. This matrix provides transparency. So make sure your drivers are aware of this as well.

5. Return the car in the correct manner

In addition, you should inform your drivers of how they are to return their cars. Make sure they clean the car and remove all their personal items. Car documents, the maintenance log and all the keys need to be present in the car. Missing items will be charged for. Return the car with summer tyres between 1 April and 1 October, and with winter cars during the rest of the year.

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