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E-mobility: are you ready for the transition?

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Favourable taxation, increased performance, better for the environment: electric driving has everything going for it. So now is the time to electrify your fleet. Read our white paper to learn why this is the case and how you go about doing it.

There’s a lot happening with electric vehicles (EVs). Many new models will come onto the market in 2020, which should be able to convince many drivers and companies.

The costs of EVs are now approaching those of vehicles with an internal combustion engine. Thanks to increasingly powerful battery technology, the average range has doubled in five years. Climate ambitions, low-emission zones, and favourable taxation are also attracting more and more companies. 

The key question: how do you get started?

If you want to include electric cars in your fleet, there are a few things to consider. Which car do you choose? Has your car policy already been adjusted? Which charging solutions are available? Our free white paper includes a handy roadmap to prepare your fleet for the transition.

You can also rely on Athlon’s expertise. Your Athlon Client Service Manager will be happy to help you. Still not a customer yet? Mail to

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