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Teleworking made easy with the Teleworking Toolbox

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Would you like your employees to work from home? Online you will find a lot of information about teleworking. So much, in fact, that you are unable to see the wood for the trees. The handy toolbox of the Vias Institute knowledge centre and the FPS Mobility and Transport offers advice.

Flexibility is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Therefore, many employers resort to teleworking. Employees can work from a different location than the organisation's headquarters: at home, in a satellite office, in a co-working space, on the road (public transport) or at another location.

Teleworking not only helps to improve the work-life balance, it can also strengthen trust between employer and employee. With their toolbox, Vias institute (the Leuven knowledge centre on traffic safety and mobility) and the FPS Mobility and Transport want to make the implementation of teleworking easier for enterprises. 

For employer and employee

The website provides employers and employees with all the information they need about teleworking. What are the advantages and disadvantages? What does the legislation say? Which practical steps need to be taken? Vias and FPS Mobility and Transport inspire employers with real-life examples, and all practical documents for both employer and employee are collected on the website.

In the online toolbox you will find written information as well as webinars or online info sessions. They can help with the implementation of teleworking in your company. Look at the first webinar with two inspiring testimonials:

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