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The green insurance card becomes white… and digital!

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From 1 July 2020, the international insurance document, commonly known as the 'green card', can only be printed on white paper. This is what the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe has decided. This same Commission has taken another essential decision: from this date, the digital version (pdf) of this document can also be used as proof of insurance.

This means insurance companies will no longer have to send the green insurance paper (soon to be white) to the policyholder by post. A simple pdf, sent by email, will suffice. The driver will have to keep this pdf on his or her smartphone (or any other device), there is no need to print it and store it in the vehicle together with the other documents. However, it is recommended you still do if you are not the only driver of the car. Also, you may not always have a device with you – or you may have to present the document at a time when your device has no battery charge.

At Athlon, we've made it easier for our drivers: all new cars come with a printed proof of insurance. International insurance papers issued before July 1 - on green paper - obviously remain valid until their expiration.


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