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Athlon VanLease offers GAMMA customised lease package

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86 new Mercedes-Benz Sprinters will soon be part of GAMMA's vehicle fleet. Anyone with a GAMMAplus card can transport their purchases with one of these vans, free of charge. The DIY store is able to offer this extra service thanks to a worry-free lease package from Athlon VanLease and Mercedes-Benz Vans.

GAMMA and Athlon joined forces four years ago with a customised lease package for the Belgian construction market. This partnership is now being extended. Steve Somers, Sales Representative LCV at Athlon: “We are putting sixty new vans available in 2019, and the rest will follow next year. In the end, no fewer than 86 Mercedes-Benz Sprinters will be part of GAMMA's vehicle fleet.”

Worry-free package

GAMMA was looking for a lease partner that could develop a customised package. “We wanted to keep the workload of our team and our shop staff at a minimum, while providing our clients with a high-quality service”, explains Stefan Silverans, GAMMA's Fleet Manager.

This was a challenge that Athlon was more than happy to take on. Steve Somers: “At Athlon VanLease we think in broader terms than the traditional service package. Alongside the usual components such as maintenance, tyre replacement, insurance, breakdown assistance and provision of replacement vehicles, we create a customised, worry-free package.”

What that means is that GAMMA can choose the closest Mercedes-Benz garage. Athlon provides a drop-off and pick-up service to the garage and annual vehicle inspection; delivers a replacement vehicle to the door; follows up on maintenance and repairs; and carries out a twice-yearly mini check-up, checking among other things tyre pressure, bodywork, and oil, windscreen wiper fluid and antifreeze levels. A cleansing and a short test ride are also included. “As a result, GAMMA's staff do not have to worry about the vans and can fully concentrate on their customers”, states Somers.

Easily load heavy items

GAMMA and Athlon enjoy a good working relationship, and Mercedes-Benz Vans is a willing partner too. Geert Jaeken, COO Sales and After-Sales Mercedes-Benz Vans: “The new Sprinters for GAMMA come in basic spec with a low loading lip, a fully wooden-cladded cargo space and powerful front-wheel drive. This makes loading, securing and transporting large and heavy items even easier. Furthermore, the Sprinters have a smart multimedia system so drivers can easily find their way around and make hands-free calls. Thus the vans are easy to drive for every DIY enthusiast including those not used to driving around in a van every day.”

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