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Athlon awarded Voka’s Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

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A well thought-out and sustainable car policy, cycling to work in groups, a diversity coordinator in the workplace... These are only a few of the initiatives Athlon Belgium has come up with to help contribute to a more sustainable society.. These have proven their worth: on 19 June, Athlon Belgium was rewarded with the Voka’s Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

Voka (the Belgian Flemish Chamber of Commerce and Industry ) aims to help companies to put sustainability into practice: companies commit to a number of actions that are linked to the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and Voka provides them with tips and advice on how to get there in a three-year-program. After each of the three year, the company is audited on its achievements and in case of a positive evaluation the company will be awarded the Voka’s Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship. At the end of this three-year period, at least 30 action points must be put into practice, with each of the 17 sustainable development goals being addressed at least once.

Athlon Belgium also drew up ten action points last year. “Some are inherently linked to our way of doing business, others required ambitious projects, efforts and changes in the workplace,” says Erwin Ollivier, General Manager of Athlon Belgium.

Sustainability at the core of its mobility solutions

Athlon Belgium aims to fulfil its role as a sustainable business by offering a comprehensive and revised range of mobility solutions. “We care about alternative means of transport and advocate the method that best suits the number of kilometres travelled by the driver. We also wish to encourage our clients to incorporate alternative mobility solutions into their car policy,” Erwin Ollivier explains. “As a mobility provider, this allows us to be a lever for social change.”

This vision is also embedded in other actions that Athlon Belgium is undertaking. Erwin Ollivier tells us more: “During the annual European Mobility Week in September, we like to show the outer world how to walk the talk we are advocating. For example, colleagues make an effort carpool to the office or opt to work from home. From Mechelen, Leuven and Wemmel, whole groups of cyclists even travelled to the head office in Machelen by bike last year.”

For people and nature

However, Athlon wishes to go beyond mobility alone. Sustainability is also a key concept in the workplace: as little disposable plastic as possible is used, staff relocations are kept to a minimum and rainwater is recycled. Employees can enrol in an internal programme that focuses on mental resilience, healthy eating and physical exercise. Athlon Belgium also wishes to contribute to a gender-neutral society. “We do this by raising awareness among both customers and employees. This is why we have recently appointed a diversity coordinator. Several working groups meet on a regular basis to discuss progress in the areas of gender equality and diversity,” says Erwin Ollivier.

The Voka’s Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship is renewed annually. This is why Athlon Belgium has also drawn up an action plan for 2019. It sets the bar even higher, with eleven action points that the company is currently implementing. For more information, see:


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