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“The future generation of employees is open to flexible mobility”

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People who have a company car will soon be able to exchange that car for a more environmentally-friendly model, an alternative mode of transport and/or a cash payment. Is this the ideal measure for the future generation of employees? We asked Jules Nuyttens, an intern in Athlon's marketing and communication department, to share his views on the mobility budget.

Soon you will be taking your first steps on the labour market. Will the mobility budget play an important role in choosing your employer?

Jules Nuyttens: “Yes, I feel that an employer who offers potential employees a mobility budget is definitely more attractive, particularly for my generation, which actively focuses on mobility and the environment. I think previous generations were keen on having their own comfortable car. Young employees entering the labour market today think differently. They are more open to a combination of a car and a folding bicycle, the train or other modes of transport. So the mobility budget is the ideal solution thanks to the flexibility if offers.”

How would you spend your mobility budget?

“I would still opt for a car, preferably an electric or hybrid car, and I would combine it with other modes of transport. That would allow me to commute as efficiently and environmentally-friendly as possible. And if I can reach my destination faster by train, I will not bother to drive. An electric bicycle is also appealing, for example for distances under 20 kilometres.”

“I like the flexibility it offers. I don’t want to be tied to a single mode of transport. I think many young people from my generation would agree.”

Do you think employees from your generation will be keen to use the mobility budget?

“Yes, I am sure they will. We are already used to not driving and using public transport instead. We will also be able to use the mobility budget when the measure has been in place for some time. All of that will make for an easier shift to a combination of different modes of transport.”

“Moreover, you should not underestimate the environmental awareness of future employees. We are prepared to travel differently in order to minimise our environmental footprint.”

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