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Nissan Leaf e+: “A wider driving range can get a lot of people where they need to be”

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It was the first affordable electric car on the market: the Nissan Leaf. In 2019, the Japanese brand released a second generation, giving consumers the choice between a limited or a large driving range. Athlon’s employee Marie Lejeune put it to the test.

Marie Lejeune was allowed to drive the Nissan Leaf e+, the variant with the largest driving range, for a whole weekend. The Nissan Leaf e+ has a battery of 62 kilowatt hours and can drive 385 kilometres with its electric motor. Still, the car can still be considered a compact city car. The vehicle Marie tested had an e-Pedal that recovers energy while driving, an automatic parking function, and a full battery.

No stress

Marie Lejeune: “When I heard I could borrow the car for three days, I was worried about the number of charging points available on the way. During the weekend, I drive around a lot. But that stress turned out to be unnecessary: at the end of the weekend, I still had enough battery capacity left to drive to our Machelen site.”

Not only is the driving range of the Nissan Leaf e+ large enough, the car itself is also large enough: passengers can ride comfortably in the back seat of the Nissan Leaf e+. “We enjoyed the extensive infotainment system with touch screen while in the car. The general driving experience was also fantastic. Electric cars generally accelerate smoothly, but the Nissan Leaf e+ really has a remarkably good roadholding. The battery may be heavier, but I didn’t notice it while driving.”

45,000 euros

Would the Nissan Leaf e+ be a suitable lease car? “The basic version of the car costs 45,000 euros, which is 6,410 euros more than its lighter-weight version with a battery of 40 kilowatt hours. However, I believe that the car can convince a lot of drivers. And that’s thanks to the extended driving range and the comfort that the car has to offer,” concludes Marie Lejeune.

In addition to the Nissan Leaf e+, many other interesting electric models will be on display at the Brussels Motor Show. You can find all the premieres on the website.

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