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Polestar 2 or Ford Mustang Mach-e? Athlon tested them for you.

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Of all electric cars, crossovers are by far the most popular. Volvo’s sister brand Polestar tickles the fancy of many with the eccentric 2. Yet, it faces competition from an American with a very catchy name: the Mustang Mach-e. Two Athlon employees put them through their paces for you!

"A sporty, cosy crossover with a great infotainment system". Stef Kennis, Purchase Officer about the Polestar 2.

In a crossover, you have a higher seating position, which gives a feeling of safety and a better view of the road ahead. Like most electric cars, this Polestar naturally has a lot of torque available and is extremely fast. It also handles very well and steers very nimbly despite its 2.2 tonnes. The flipside of the coin is that the suspension is a bit stiff.  

When after half an hour you have finished playing, you can really relax in the car. It has a minimalist yet luxurious interior where physical buttons have been reduced to a minimum. It doesn't feel as bare and cold as, for example, the Tesla 3, which I think is its biggest rival in this price range. The central control of the car resides mainly in the central tablet which runs on Android. The design of this is clear, with simple menus. The navigation via Google Maps also works very well.

For regenerative braking, you can choose from 3 modes (off, soft, hard). I did miss an eco-mode for driving, which can be extra reassuring when the battery is almost empty because you can then get just a bit more mileage out of the cells.

The patterns and fabrics of the seat, dashboard and doors blend in smoothly and the finish is excellent. Furthermore, the cockpit has also been beautifully designed, with the driver sitting comfortably snug. To me, this contributes to the sporty experience. The panoramic roof with the Polestar logo lit up is also a nice touch.


"A spacious SUV that sits firmly on the road and certainly deserves its place in the fleet offer". Herman Yperman, COO about the Ford Mustang Mach-e.

Whether you think the iconic Mustang badge is right or wrong, the Mach-e is a powerful car that feels safe and robust. It doesn't require a manual either: everything is in place and the controls feel natural. You also have a lot of space inside, even in the back. People that are two metres tall needn’t worry. 

An eye-catcher is the large central tablet with which you control almost everything. The functions on the large central screen are easy to operate and logically arranged. The most important driving data is visualised on a small screen above the steering wheel. To my taste, this human-machine interface is a bit too simplistic. There is not much customisation possible - which might be a blessing for some, but for me it is a (small) shortcoming. Also some of the materials are sub-premium, although the general finish is ok.

There are three driving profiles: Untamed (for explosive accelerations, without being brutal), Active (the comfort mode) and Whisper (for driving with maximum efficiency). The last mode doesn't mean that you have to drive at a snail's pace. Whisper is synonymous with a smooth ride - which to me is the essence of the electric driving experience.

Just like with many competitors, this Mustang allows you to limit the use of the brakes thanks to the "one-pedal driving" option. This means that you brake on the electric motor as soon as you release the throttle and recover energy, which improves the driving range. Incidentally, I have never experienced any range anxiety.


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