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The company bicycle: a must-lease with or without a company car

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Athlon rolls out the red carpet for the company bicycle with the all-in BikeLease formula. This means that you not only enjoy strong fiscal advantages, but can also count on a complete worry-free service. Moreover, Athlon BikeLease is separate from the company car. So every employee is eligible for this attractive solution, which brings a nice e-bike within everyone's reach.

Indeed, you can interpret the term 'bicycle' very broadly. It includes regular bikes, but also e-bikes and even speed pedelecs. These are usually quite a bit more expensive to buy, but Athlon BikeLease translates them into an affordable monthly amount. At the end of the contract, the employees of your company can buy their bikes for just €50. 

Company bike with a full-service contract

Athlon BikeLease takes the form of a financial lease with a fixed purchase option of €50, regardless of the type of bike or the duration. This varies from 36 to 60 months.

However, it is much more than just a way of financing a bicycle. Indeed, many services are included:

  • Insurance – the company bicycle is insured on a comprehensive basis (speed pedelecs also in civil liability) for the duration of the contract.
  • Maintenance – Your company bikes are serviced twice a year at a Ctec Point of the employees’ choice.
  • Roadside assistance – A flat tyre on the way? A technical problem that makes it impossible to cycle any further? Ctec Assistance is there to help. If the bike cannot be repaired on the spot, the employee will be given a lift home.

Three tax frameworks

As an employer, you can offer Athlon BikeLease within three interesting tax frameworks:

  1. The company bicycle in combination with a company car. The benefit in kind does not increase as long as the bicycle is used for commuting. Those who opt for a smaller company car and a company bicycle within the same budget may even pay a lower benefit in kind on the car. 
  2. The company bicycle within the mobility budget. The company bicycle can be part of the second pillar (alternative and sustainable means of transport) of the mobility budget, on which the employee does not pay any benefit in kind. Moreover, the employer does not pay any social security contribution on this part, while the tax deductibility of the expenses is always 100%.
  3. The company bicycle within the cafeteria plan. A limited wage component, for example, part of the gross wage or the end-of-year bonus, can be converted into benefits that the employee may choose himself. For example, extra holidays, pension savings or a company bicycle.

Bank J.Van Breda & C°: a happy customer

One customer who has already signed up for Athlon BikeLease is Bank J.Van Breda & C°. "We stand for sustainable solutions, both for our clients and for our employees. A few years ago we introduced Athlon BikeLease to give our colleagues the opportunity to opt for a bicycle as an alternative mobility solution to their company car. Athlon skilfully responded to our request and today we notice that the trend towards more bicycles continues to grow," says Griet De Ranter, HR Business Partner at the bank.

Do you want to know more about the advantages of Athlon BikeLease?

Feel free to contact us now. Together we will cycle to a green and advantageous mobility! 

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