100-year driven by mobility

Athlon: 100 years driven by mobility

From local repair company to international specialist in mobility

Athlon was founded in the Netherlands in 1916 as RIVA (Reparatie-Inrichting Voor Automobielen, which translates to Repair Company for Automobiles in English). From the very first moments, everything revolved around the mobility of our clients. Back then it was called ‘talking to cars’. And here we are now, a century further along the road.

In short

2017 Athlon becomes part of the Daimler Group..
2016 Athlon celebrates its 100th birthday.
2015 Athlon Rental Services Belgium wins the ‘Clean Rental Company of the Year’ award.
2014 Athlon Belgium wins the International Industry Award for Athlon Flex.
2014 Athlon Belgium launches the Athlon Mobility Card, following in the footsteps of Athlon Netherlands.
2012 Athlon Belgium launches Athlon Flex.
2011 Athlon Belgium launches Athlon BikeLease.
2010 Athlon Belgium is the first leasing company to offer an electrical vehicle contract to one of its clients.
2008 Athlon Belgium launches Railease, in collaboration with Accenture and the NMBS/SNCB.
2008 Athlon expands its activities and becomes leader in providing a broad range of mobility solutions.
2006 Takeover of Athlon Holding by De Lage Landen International B.V.auto's)
2004 Takeover of Unilease.
2003 Athlon Group becomes Athlon Holding and all vehicle-hire activities in Europe are grouped under the communal name Athlon Car Lease.
1997 Start-up of vehicle leasing activities in Germany and France under the name Autop.
1996 Interleasing is the first vehicle leasing company in Europe to offer online quote calculations.
1995 Interleasing is the first Belgian leasing company with online facilities for vehicle fleet management.
1994 Introduction of the transparency concept and electronic reporting on diskettes instead of paper reports.
1991 RIVA becomes the Athlon Group.
1990 RIVA takes over Interleasing Belgium and Luxemburg.
1990 Establishment of CARe (network of body shops and panel-beaters).
1989 Establishment of Interleasing Rent for short-term vehicle hire.
1985 Establishment of Interleasing Belgium and Luxembourg.
1973 Establishment of Interleasing Netherlands.
1950 Start of leasing activities.
1916 Establishment of RIVA (Reparatie Inrichting Voor Automobielen, or Repair Company for Automobiles in English).