Conditions for collaboration

Partnership conditions

Below you will find all the information you need about the partnership conditions. Please read this information thoroughly.

Useful information

Documents for submission.

Have you registered? Then please send us the following information: Copy of the trade register showing that you have been trading in second-hand cars for at least one year; (We do not consider your ...


Auction Info

In order to guarantee the confidentiality of your bids, you may only bid via the Carplaza website. Important: bids are always exclusive of VAT. All bids are considered binding provided that the ...


Validity of the bids

Bids remain valid for five working days. This means that vehicles may be allocated during a period of five working days after the date the bid is registered.


Auction Days & Hours

Auctions take place: Belgium /France: full new lists available on Tuesday and Thursday from 09h30 closure of lists on Wednesday and Friday at 09h30 Luxemburg: to be checked with ...


Method of payment

The method of payment depends on the purchaser’s country of origin: - local purchaser => via bank transfer (incl. VAT)- foreign purchaser within the EU => via bank transfer (excl. VAT)- ...



The allocated vehicles are invoiced to the initial buyer. Invoicing to any other party is not accepted.



The allocated vehicles are delivered within the office hours of Athlon Car Lease.


Collection of vehicles

Domestic buyers: within five working days of the allocation date; Foreign buyers: within ten working days of the allocation date, using an official transport company (collection of a vehicles ...


Car papers (only for dealers export EU)

The original car papers are sent to the buyer by courier after receipt of the stamped and signed CMR document. Athlon Car Lease cannot be held liable if the CMR documents are incomplete or are not ...