Athlon Car and Mobility Policy Review

Go for a clear, up to date, and future-proof mobility policy.

An up-to-date, clear, and sustainable mobility policy is important for your organisation. The car & mobility policy not only lays down your organisation’s vision on mobility, it also summarises the rights, obligations, and procedures relating to mobility.

The Athlon consultants help you draw up a clear, up-to-date policy document. First, they analyse your current approach and discuss the shortcomings and possibilities with your team. Based on the results and their knowledge of the legislation and the market, they then draw up a new policy together with you.

Even after the final document has been signed off, Athlon can keep your policy up to date with the latest legislative changes and relevant new tips. Ask for our special subscription package for an update in years 2 and 3. This way, your car & mobility policy will always be up to date and future-proof.


  • A clear and unambiguous car & mobility policy prevents disagreements.
  • An innovative mobility policy attracts new talent.
  • Athlon ensures that your mobility policy is adapted to the most recent regulations.

This period gives the opportunity to reflect on the mobility policy: analysing the fleet and reviewing the car-policy with a long-term vision. Take TCO into account and focus on sustainability by researching electric mobility and alternative forms of transport. Els Descamps, Commercial Director Athlon Belgium

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