Athlon Mobility Profiler

Optimally align your mobility policy with the needs of your employees.

The most efficient way to draft your mobility policy is to start by identifying the expectations and needs of your employees. This way, you avoid choices that cost a lot of time and money, but are actually not in line with your organisation and people. The Athlon Mobility Profiler gives you exactly the insights you need to make mobility choices that are really supported by your team.

Through a survey, which is fully tailored to the specific situation of your organisation, the Athlon consultants gauge the needs of your employees. The results will reveal your actual mobility needs. Based on this exercise, our experts make recommendations for a mobility policy that is 100% in line with your needs.


  • Your employees are involved in the development of the mobility policy.
  • The survey questions can be tailored to your organisation.
  • You get a clear view of the best choices for your mobility policy.

When a company scrutinizes its mobility policy, it cannot ignore the driver. Find out what is going on with your employees and map out the needs and expectations in the right way. This is the only way to create support and make the right choices for the future. Fréderic Denies, Strategic Consulting Manager

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