Athlon TCO Scan

“A TCO scan allows you to chart all the costs of leasing a car.”

The cost of a leasing car involves more than just the monthly lease price. Fuel costs, fiscal aspects, and so on all have to be taken into account. The resulting cost is the total cost of ownership (TCO). So, if you want to find out the real financial impact of a leasing solution, you need to know its TCO.


  • The TCO charts all the actual costs of a leasing solution.
  • The Athlon experts guide you through the car taxation costs.
  • The TCO analysis helps you in your search for a sustainable fleet.

Athlon’s TCO analysis consists of 5 steps

Step 1 Set-up

First, the Athlon consultants have an introductory meeting with you about your current mobility policy, your mobility needs, and the various obstacles. We collect all the relevant data – from budgets to KPIs, fleet information, and fiscal information – and determine the workflow.

Step 2 A closer look at the fiscal regulations

We update you on the latest fiscal developments and their impact on your total cost of ownership.

Step 3 TCO analysis of your current fleet.

Based on the collected data, we carry out a TCO analysis of your current fleet, which is then compared to the TCO analysis conducted by the Athlon consultants.

Step 4 Comparative TCO analysis of sustainable vehicles

The Athlon consultants propose a relevant, sustainable alternative for each reference vehicle in your fleet. They also compare the fiscal and the financial advantages to allow you to weigh the pros and cons.

Step 5 Next steps and roll-out

The information gathered in the previous steps gives you all the tools you need to make the right decisions. The Athlon consultants advise you on the roll-out.

Our Athlon TCO Scan has helped several customers with the trade-off between petrol / diesel and electric / hybrid. After all, you can only make smart choices with the correct figures. Philippe Fouyn, Strategic Consulting Manager

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