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Discover our alternative fuel cars.

Luxury-equipped, temporary lease vehicles

A tough choice: temporary rental of a lease vehicle or operational vehicle leasing? With Rent & Roll you make the most of both formulas. And it’s extraordinarily flexible. Rent & Roll immediately mobilises your staff members. You receive your quote within 24 hours – at the absolute longest. And your temporary lease vehicle will be at your door within 48 hours. You don’t need to decide on the lease period straight away. Even after the first year, you can continue to rent your temporary vehicle on a monthly basis for a maximum of two years, or, at any time it suits you, you can switch over to operational leasing.

Premium vehicles

You’ll be surprised by the makes and models that are standing here ready for you. Each and every one is a premium vehicle form a manufacturer with a name for quality: BMW, Mercedes, Audi and more. With GPS, a hands-free kit and parking assistance. It’s simple to add a fuel card to your contract. Or rent handy extras such as snow chains or a trailer. The price? It looks better than you’d expect! Especially if you use the annual forfeit granting you 43,800 kilometres! If you drive further? We invoice you on a per-kilometre basis at a low rate. Make the most of this opportunity!

Hybrid vehicles

Recently, we have added some exceptional hybrid vehicles to our fleet. They produce less CO2 and can save you a lot of money at the gas station. And all of this without compromising on comfort, because we made sure to only select the best hybrid makes and models. What about the Lexus CT200 Hybrid Business Edition for instance? With CO2 emissions of only 88 grammes per kilometre. Discover this and plenty of other interesting hybrid vehicles.

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