Athlon Flex

More than a car - no difference to the budget

How does Athlon Flex work? Your staff members spend their leasing budget more freely. They choose a more economical car so that they have money left over for extras. This might be the hire of a moving van. Perhaps it will be for the installation or a weekend on the roads in a convertible roadster. Why not have a car waiting at the airport when you head abroad?  In short, there are plenty of possibilities. With more added to the list every year. It’s a unique formula that was crowned with an International Fleet Industry Award in 2014.

Why you can't do without this

  • A more creative approach to a leasing budget.
  • Your staff members choose according to their lifestyles.
  • You reward your staff members with fewer taxes and more freedom.
  • Athlon takes care of all the logistics and administration.
  • You pay your vehicle leasing and not a single cent more.

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You leave room for a holiday car (even when abroad), a moving van, etc., without paying anything more than your  vehicle leasing price.