Athlon E-Mobility

The total solution for electric driving

Are you a little apprehensive when it comes to electric vehicles? There’s no need to be! At least not if you have Athlon E-Mobility from Athlon. You’ll be playing the sustainability card to maximum benefit. Your employees will score with complete comfort. And it will save you money! Does that sound a little surreal? It won’t with the complete support Athlon gives you every step of the way from start to finish. It’s time to get the wheels turning with electric driving!

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Why you can't do without this

  • You make electric driving a fixed feature of your vehicle policy.
  • Eneco provides your staff members with a 'green' charging meter at home and/or at work.
  • You have no problems following their use and the payments thanks to our integrated charging solutions.
  • You receive transparant calculations of your total financial benefits.
  • One crystal-clear invoice.

Athlon supports you every step of the way, from start to finish. That's Athlon E-Mobility!

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It can be different.

You’ve heard the stories. Electric vehicles are expensive. They’re unsafe. They can only travel short distances. And of course, they’re ugly! But the range has steadily grown. The current generation of electric vehicles is just as attractive as their fuel-burning counterparts. And they won’t be beaten in terms of quality. As for the price and the distances they drive? Athlon has had the ideal solution for you. We started work on it in 2009, the year we became the first leasing company to offer electric vehicles in our leasing range. A pioneering role that we continue to this day. Make Athlon E-Mobility a part of your vehicle policy.

Total solution

For the charging infrastructure, Athlon calls on the expertise of Eneco, our partner in this venture. We guarantee comfort and green energy, together with charging devices in your company and at your home. All at attractive all-inclusive rates. Charging is a piece of cake. Which means there’s no need to stress about how far you can drive. If you’re on the road, you can charge in Belgium and abroad, at networks from Eneco, Blue Corner, The New Motion, Fastned and others. As well as various parking garages. Are you in a hurry? Rely on the fast chargers. In just half an hour, your vehicle will be ready to hit the road again. Payments? Automatically taken care of thanks to our integrated charging solutions, which means there’s no need to stress about extra invoices and receipts.

A price that's a pleasant surprise

The purchase prices of electrical vehicles are greater than those of their fossil-fuel-powered cousins. But if you look at the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), you’ll be treated to a pleasant surprise. The moral of the story: just looking at the lease price excluding VAT will give you an incorrect view of reality.Look at the big picture of costs AND tax allowances!