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Why electrify your fleet?

The Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement have imposed strict measures for the global reduction of CO2 emissions. From 2020 onwards, new restrictions apply in the automotive sector with respect to the average CO2 emissions of both company and personal cars. Europe has switched over to the WLTP standard and has introduced a progressive CO2 threshold for car manufacturers. In addition, many regional and urban initiatives have been launched in Belgium, including the introduction of low-emission zones.

Take advantage of electric company vehicles

The total cost of the electric fleet continues to fall and this option is becoming increasingly cost-effective compared to traditional combustion engines. This is partly due to the decreasing price of batteries and the increasing residual value of electric cars on the second-hand market. In addition, today certain manufacturers also offer attractive fleet discounts on e-models. However, the greatest benefit is in terms of taxation. Electric and plug-in hybrid cars are respectively 100% and 95 to 100% deductible, while diesel and petrol models are only about 60% deductible.

Electrify your fleet with Athlon

Do you want to include electric cars in your fleet? Before doing so, there are a number of things to be taken into consideration. For example, you have to inform yourself properly about the total cost, how this fits into your car policy and the various charging solutions. These are exactly the areas in which we at Athlon, with our wide range of experience and know-how, can assist you.

Switchover to electric with your fleet?

Athlon makes it as simple as possible for you. At Athlon, we guide you through the entire process – from analysing your fleet and drivers to choosing your cars, optimising the tax benefits, installing charging solutions at home and at the office and monitoring your electric fleet. Moreover, Athlon’s E-Mobility offer goes further than just lease cars. For example, we can easily expand your electric mobility with additional mobility solutions such as electric bicycles and more. All of which will be 100% tailored to your company.

In 2011, with the arrival of the Tesla Roadster, Athlon was the first leasing company in Belgium to invest in e-mobility. Since then we have become the leading authority in the area of vehicle and tax expertise, charging solutions and consultancy. We continue to prove this every day through our concrete approach and extensive reporting options.

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