Athlon Mobility Card

A worry-free mobility budget

What would you think of a card that allows your staff members arrange all their business travel themselves? A card they can use to choose their own mode of transport? While you manage the costs, maintain an overview and save money? It’s not just possible, it’s ready and available! We would like to introduce the Athlon Mobility Card.

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Why you can't do without this

  • It's for public transport, leasing a car, parking, taxi, horeca, hotel arrangements, etc. In other words? It's a mobility budget.
  • You set the limits and services available to your staff members.
  • You optimise your recuperation of VAT.
  • You save on fuel costs.
  • You need just one card for all modes of transport.

Maximum mobility in pocket format.

Business travel within everyone’s mobility budget

The Athlon Mobility Card takes a weight off your shoulders. It lets your staff members plan their business travel themselves. As efficiently as possible, with every benefit and within your mobility budget. With the Athlon Mobility Card, they arrange and pay for their: public transport or international train travel, bike, taxi, flights, fuel and parking. You can even allow them to arrange restaurant, hotel or meeting room reservations with it!

You hold the reins

You set a personal limit, with a weekly maximum amount for a number of mobility services (the ‘mobility budget’) and the limits for each mobility service (the ‘service limit’). Every cardholder follows their transactions online via the Athlon Mobility Card tool. And you keep an eye on it all too. Wave goodbye to expense reports! All mobility costs will appear neatly on a single invoice, perfect for VAT optimisation. And if you would like to save even more on your mobility budget, encourage your staff members to refuel at cheaper fuel stations.