Full-service vehicle leasing

Vehicle leasing with all the extras included?

Would you like to make your staff members more mobile without committing too much of your time, effort and budget to your fleet? Welcome to Full Service Autoleasing from Athlon. This is where you benefit from flexible services. From the very first vehicle you lease. Whatever the make and model.

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Why you can't do without this

  • You'll be making the most of full, strategic fleet management.
  • You and your lease drivers receive free access to Athlonline, an online fleet management tool.
  • You set your budget in advance and choose the duration and level of service that best suits your needs.
  • You'll have a single fixed contact person. And so will your lease lease drivers.

Never any surprises...except for pleasant ones like fleet discounts and promotions.

Flexibility comes first

You decide for yourself how your contract for operational leasing will look. The duration depends on the number of kilometres you estimate you’ll do. You lease a vehicle for one to five years, or a maximum of 180,000 kilometres. Would you like to add an (inter)national fuel card or a replacement vehicle? Perhaps the full or partial outsourcing of your vehicle fleet management? The choice is all yours! From administration, enrolment and insurance to maintenance, repairs and tyre changes: everything is included. And if a vehicle breaks down, the driver can count on reliable assistance. For questions, they can go to the dedicated Driver Desk. Furthermore, you can follow up the details of every user online – and keep an overview. How far would you like to go in outsourcing your fleet management? It’s up to you! You decide which operational tasks we will directly arrange with your drivers. Just say the word and we will deal with fines and damage, the choice of vehicle, quotes, etc. These direct agreements save you and your drivers a lot of precious time. And thanks to regular updates and clear reports, you’ll always know exactly what is going on!