Sale & Lease Back

We buy your vehicle fleet

Does your company have its own fleet of vehicles? But is your business demanding that you invest in it? Why not sell your vehicles to Athlon? With Sale & Lease Back, we estimate the value of your vehicles. You sell them at an honest market price. And you keep the maximum for your business. Above all else, Sale & Lease Back saves you time. Insuring vehicles, checking refuelling histories, responding to damage reports, arranging replacement vehicles and all the other time-consuming tasks involved in full vehicle fleet management are no longer your concern. Leave them to us.

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Why you can't do without this

  • Vehicles disappear from your balance.
  • A boost for your liquidity and solvability.
  • You outsource your vehicle fleet to an expert.
  • You save time.
  • You have your hands free for your key tasks.

Remove your vehicles from your company balance. And quickly increase your liquidity and solvability.