Tow bar and fuel card

Tow bar and fuel card

  • Do I need to have my tow bar officially inspected?

    If you have a tow bar at the start of your lease contract, the garage has already had it checked and approved.

    If you’ve arranged the installation of the tow bar yourself, you’ll need to go to the vehicle inspection center every four years to have it approved. The only exception is if your tow bar is for a caravan or trailer with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of more than 750 kg. Then you’ll need to visit the inspection center on an annual basis. You’ll also need a separate number plate and insurance for your trailer or caravan.

    Always keep the inspection certificate for your tow bar with your other vehicle papers.
  • How do I use my fuel card?

    If there is a fuel card included with your lease contract, you’ll receive it when your vehicle is delivered. We always send you the code securely via email. Are you going to refuel? First check on your card which petrol stations will allow you to use your fuel card:

    • Shell card: Shell stations in Belgium and/or Europe.
    • Shell multi-card: Shell and Esso stations in Belgium and/or Europe.
    • Network Fleet Card National: Shell, Esso, DATS 24, Q8 and Lukoil stations in Belgium.
    • Network Fleet Card International:  including Shell and Esso stations in Europe.
    • Network Fleet App: Install the app on your smartphone ( Android / IOS) to locate the nearest resorts and know all the facilities by site!
    • Athlon Mobility Card: Check the stations online
  • My fuel card is lost or stolen. What now?

    Have your card blocked via Card Stop (+32 (0) 70 34 43 44). Do you have an Athlon Mobility Card? Then call +32 (0) 70 35 34 52. Afterwards, inform the Athlon Driver Desk.

  • My fuel card doesn’t work. What do I do?

    Give the faulty code and the address of the fuel station to the Athlon Driver Desk. Did you have to pay the refuelling costs yourself because of a technical problem? Make sure you ask for reimbursement.

  • Where can I find a petrol station?

    The Network Fuel App is accessible by computer and smartphone. It uses your current location to point you to the nearest petrol station. With Google Maps, Waze or any other navigation app, you can also easily calculate your route.

    The app is very easy to install:
    • Go to
    • If you are using an Apple device, click on the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen. For Android devices, click on the menu button of your device or on the menu icon at the top right of the screen (three dots).
    • Click on ‘Add to home screen’.

    The Network Fuel App icon is now listed in your home screen.

One point of contact for all your questions about your lease vehicle: the Driver Desk!  Call 02 716 58 21 or mail to