Report an accident

Damage to your lease vehicle? Athlon quickly helps you back on the road!

All you need is a moment of distraction for a minor accident to occur. Before you know it, you’ll have a sizeable dent or scratch on your vehicle. And don’t forget: accidents can happen in the most unexpected of places. Luckily, we can help you keep your vehicle looking its best. Report your damage within 24 hours. Damage sustained by your lease vehicle? Report this as quickly as possible, but in all cases within 24 hours. We take care of everything else.

There are two ways to report damage

Online: fill in the online damage form.
By telephone: via the Driver Desk on +32 (0)2 716 58 21.

Be sure you read the driver's manual too.

Online damage form

One point of contact for all your questions about your lease vehicle: the Driver Desk!  Call 02 716 58 21 or mail to