Request documents and organise your refunds here

Arrange documents and organise your refunds here

In principle, all services are included in your lease contract. We understand that you may still find yourself with unexpected costs. This isn’t a problem. You can quickly arrange reimbursement online here. It goes without saying that only costs that are covered by the lease contract can be paid back (oil, mechanical breakdowns, windscreen wiper fluid, fuel, etc.). Have you incurred costs outside Belgium? Don’t forget that a maintenance visit outside Belgium is only possible in exceptional circumstances and with prior written consent from Athlon.

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Need a document?

Are you no longer in possession of a valid International Motor Insurance Card (known as a groene kaart in Dutch)? Or are you in need of a European Accident Statement form? Maybe you’re going on holiday and you need a specific certificate or declaration. Perhaps you would simply like to request a resident’s card. All of these can quickly be arranged online. In your own time. Driver Desk will help you as soon as they are able to.

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One point of contact for all your questions about your lease vehicle: the Driver Desk!  Call 02 716 58 21 or mail to