Our history

From repairs to modern mobility solutions

Athlon has undergone tremendous changes over the past 100 years. Athlon was founded in 1916 and was then called RIVA (Repair Establishment for Automobiles). We started car leasing as far back as 1950 and in 1991 RIVA NV was renamed as Athlon Groep. Following various acquisitions, Athlon started focusing entirely on car leasing in 2002. And successfully too, because we are now in the top 5 of largest international lease companies! And we’ve been more than ‘just’ a leasing company for some time now. We’re now helping our customers find new solutions to meet their changing mobility needs, such as private lease and mobility management.

Athlon Tour of the Century

Hurrah! We’re celebrating our Centenary year this year. We’re incredibly proud of this and of course we’ll be celebrating in a spectacular way. Together with you! We’ll be organizing various campaigns and events for our customers and lease drivers throughout this celebratory year.
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