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Athlon partners with AlertDriving to offer driver risk management solutions

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Athlon announced a new strategic partnership with North-America based AlertDriving to offer their customers an online risk assessment for their drivers combined with targeted training modules in a user friendly e-learning environment.

Alexander Prinssen, Director Consulting & Mobility Solutions at Athlon International, says: ‘The driver risk management proposition enables our customers to improve driver safety and reduce their fleet operating cost. Strategic partnerships like this one, help us fast track our ambitions to improve the safety of our customers by getting them access to the latest technology. We are excited to help our customers to reduce collisions, personal injuries, operating cost and liability exposure.’

For 100 years, Athlon has been dedicated to providing the best car leasing and mobility solutions for customers across Europe. Developing innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions, Athlon strives to be at the leading edge of new and emerging market trends and technologies. Athlon enables customers to remain focused on their core business, leaving their mobility needs to the experts. 

FleetDefenseSM, world’s most extensive driver risk management program,  allows Athlon to provide customers with a data-driven training platform that can identify high-risk drivers in more than 70 countries worldwide. It is available in more than 100 languages. The program consists of 30 high-impact training modules covering eco driving, safer driving, safer parking and much more – all available online and with localized content. Athlon offers the program in 22 countries, including her partner network.

“FleetDefenseSM provides a simple, fast and accurate method of pinpointing the most at-risk drivers, providing a cost-effective way of allocating a fleet’s training budget,” says Rob Martin, Vice President of Sales at AlertDriving. “This aligns with Athlon’s long tradition of providing customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions. And with lease programs in place internationally, Athlon also benefits from the flexibility and adaptability of FleetDefenseSM.”

About Athlon

Athlon is an international provider of operational vehicle leasing and mobility solutions, active in more than 20 countries. Athlon has developed innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient mobility solutions for many years. Its mission: to supply the very best vehicle leasing and mobility solutions to meet its customers’ continuously changing needs.

About AlertDriving

AlertDriving is dedicated to helping global fleets identify, mitigate and monitor their risk exposure. FleetDefenseSM, the company’s driver risk management suite, combines training in over 100 languages with built-in metrics giving fleets standardized risk reporting anywhere in the world. For more information, visit

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