Long term leasing

You decide how your contract for operational leasing will look like. The duration depends on your estimated number of kilometers. In general you lease a vehicle for one to five years, or a maximum of approximately 180,000 kilometers.
Would you like to add an (inter)national fuel card or a replacement vehicle? You name it! We offer all services, from administration, enrollment and insurance to maintenance, repairs and tyre changes. And if a vehicle breaks down, the driver can count on reliable assistance. For questions, they can go to the dedicated Driver Desk.
How far would you like to go in outsourcing your fleet management? It’s up to you! You decide which operational tasks we will directly arrange with your drivers. Just say the word and we will deal with fines and damage, the choice of vehicle, quotes, etc. These direct agreements save you and your drivers a lot of precious time. And thanks to regular updates and clear reports, you’ll always know exactly what is going on!

Rentals and short term leasing

Looking for a temporary lease vehicle for short projects or in peak periods? Your employees with flexible contracts also need a car? Or is a consultant heading in from abroad? At Athlon you can choose from variety of vehicle leasing options, from rentals for a couple of days or weeks, to short term lease contracts up to 12 or 24 months. 

Electric vehicles

Would you like to reduce your fuel spend, decrease CO2 emissions and proactively manage your CSR policy? Opt for Athlon E-lease! Athlon is your one-stop-shop for electric leasing; electric and hybrid cars, scooters, bikes, charging stations and subsidy advice. You have no problems following use and payments via the Athlon Mobility Card tool, you receive transparent calculations of your total financial benefits and one crystal-clear invoice.

Never any surprises... except for pleasant ones like fleet discounts and promotions.

Vehicle leasing, how does it work

In general a vehicle lease can be classified into two categories, operational lease and financial lease. The main difference is that with a financial lease the vehicle is recorded on the balance sheet of your organization, as being the lessee. With an operational lease your organization only accounts for the lease payments as expenses over the lease term, while Athlon as lessor remains owner of the vehicle. The majority of the Athlon vehicles are operational lease contracts. 

A full operational lease contract includes all the costs which are linked of the usage of the vehicle, such as depreciation, interest, maintenance, repair, tires, insurance, fuel card, fuel management, taxes, roadside assistance and replacement vehicle in case of damages. This offers your organization the following advantages:
  • Fixed monthly lease costs, allowing you to easily budget vehicle costs;
  • Off balance financing of vehicles (operational lease vehicles are recorded on the balance sheet of Athlon) allowing your organization to optimize its liquidity position and focus on core activities;
  • Athlon remains the owner of the vehicle and the operational risk, like on residual value or repairs, lies with Athlon.