Corporate Responsibility

Athlon. Heart for mobility with an eye for the environment. 

Smarter Mobility 

Though innovation, courage and creativity, the way in which we move from A to B has changed. As a result, we can reduce our CO2 emissions, tackle traffic problems and lower costs. Athlon would like to be a leader in this movement. Because mobility can always be more environmentally friendly!

Athlon developed Smarter Mobility, a Sustainable Mobility Plan to ensure efficient use of your fleet. We use it to reduce traffic on the road, lower CO2 emissions and take an important step towards sustainable mobility. A car is not always the ideal mode of transport.

Athlon. Getting you there

The Sustainable Mobility Plan begins with five important questions:

  • Do your staff members need to travel, or can they work somewhere else?
  • What form of transport is most suitable to the time of day at which the journey will take place?
  • Is a clean-energy vehicle an option?
  • Are you familiar with ecological driving?
  • Did you know that it is possible to compensate your CO2 emissions?

Based on these questions, we can draw up a Sustainable Mobility Plan for you. A plan that is fully tailored to the unique needs of your organisation.

Whether your are looking for a car, bicycle or a servicedog to improve your mobility, Athlon is here to help you.