Athlon Mobility Solutions

Athlon supplies more than lease vehicles. We are there for you to provide modern mobility solutions.

Mobility solutions to fit your needs

The face of mobility is rapidly changing. Current innovations are driven by big trends such as urbanization, digitization, the Internet of things and electric driving. We translate these trends into services and concepts that have clear value for you. With mobility becoming more and more an individual choice, the one-size-fits-all solution no longer applies. 

Your employees have different preferences. Some want to work from home occasionally, and commute to the office by train or, weather permitting, by bike. Others regularly meet with customers and drive across the country.

Athlon. Getting you there

As an employer you are looking for ways to facilitate all different mobility needs, without administrative hassle. At Athlon, we offer numerous products and services to fulfil your mobility needs.

  • Fleet management
  • Tailor-made mobility
  • Car-sharing
  • Electric driving
  • Parking solutions
  • Sustainable transportation
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Athlon is your international mobility partner.

Our Mobility Solutions

The world around you is changing and so are your mobility needs. Athlon knows that and translates your needs into custom-made mobility solutions. Mobility is becoming more and more an individual choice and employees won’t accept a standard one-size-fits-all solution anymore. Athlon is getting you there

Fleet management

Your fleet in good hands. How does fleet management work? You fund the fleet, and we’ll take care of the rest. Not only does this include the acquisition and sale of your lease cars, but also additional matters such as insurances, servicing, repairs and fuel administration. In doing so, you are able to focus on your core business, while still having insight into your monthly costs. Our fleet management services are modular. We offer these options: Purchasing; Insurances; Replacement vehicles; Fuel management; Road tax; Repairs, maintenance and tyres; Car sale.

Tailor-made mobility

There’s more to employee mobility than lease cars. With mobility becoming more and more an individual choice, flexibility is key. The benefits are obvious: loyal employees, better work productivity and lower costs. From a one-size-fits-all approach to customized mobility: how to achieve this? Here at Athlon, we offer several products and services that will get you there. From the Mobility Card, to Car sharing. And from FlexDrive to the Mobility budget. There are plenty solutions to fit your needs.


Do your lease cars often spend hours parked in the parking lot? And do many employees come to work driving their own car? Make the most of your leased vehicles with Athlon’s Car2Use. This online car-sharing platform enables employees to easily book a vehicle using the Car2Use app. Your lease vehicles will be on the move more often, and employees without a company-provided lease car will benefit from it too. What’s more, the platform gives full insight into drives, availability and CO₂ emissions. Easy and efficient. Plan. Book. Go.

Electric driving

Interested in electric driving but concerned that it might be a hassle? Opt for E-Lease, and you’ll get the greatest convenience. As a one-stop-shop in terms of electric vehicles, we can help you with anything: from charging solutions to applying for grants. With E-Lease, electric driving becomes easy The Full Service Lease allows you to hit the road without having to worry. Repairs, servicing, insurances, tyres and roadside assistance are all included.

Parking solutions

Employees arriving late because they cannot find a parking space. Customers driving round in circles looking for a free spot. And as an employer you always pay the price. Sounds familiar? Parking at work is no longer a given. Especially in big cities, where parking spaces are becoming increasingly scarce. Are you in need of parking solutions? Contact us. Here’s what we do: We’ll list your challenges and needs, and look at your parking and mobility policies. Then we’ll analyze the parking issue and chart the travel behavior of your employees. Finally, we’ll offer advice for improving your parking policy, which we’ll translate into a specific action plan to create the desired parking solutions.

Sustainable transportation

It’s one of your goals: Reduce the carbon footprint of the company. Not only because it’s a way to cut costs and to score that tender, but also because you care about sustainability. So how to get there? It all starts with conscious decisions. Ask yourself: Do you really need to be at the office every day? And what kind of transport do you use for your commute? About 40% of employees reside at a distance of 15kms or less from work, which is ideal for sustainable transport such as e-bikes and e-scooters. And for those taking the car: electric driving is just as comfortable. Lastly, please mind your driving style. Heavy accelerations, speeding and late braking are definite no-nos. Want more advice? Get in touch, we’ll be happy to help you.