Whether you want to travel by car, hop on your bike or take the train, Athlon is your mobility partner.

Mobility Card

Athlon Mobility Card: handy all-in-one card

The Athlon Mobility Card allows your employees to plan and pay for their mobility costs themselves. Refueling, parking, lunches, train tickets, taxi fares, and even plane tickets. It’s all possible with our Mobility Card. And don’t worry: you are still in charge. One single invoice gives insight into all expenses.


  • One card for all mobility expenses
  • You define the settings
  • Hassle-free
  • Fuel cost savings
  • Time saving


Leasing budgets flexibly used

Let employees spend their leasing budget more freely. How? By opting for a more economical car they put money aside each month. Meanwhile, they’re saving for extras for their vacation, such as a bigger car, a bike rack or a rental car. Any unused savings are paid at the end of the year.

FlexDrive is the creative approach of a leasing budget. In 2014, this unique formula was crowned with an International Fleet Industry Award.


  • Fuel cost savings
  • Low additional tax liability for employee
  • Unused savings are paid
  • Lease car fully serviced upon return from vacation

Please note that not all solutions are offered in all countries. Please contact our International Sales & Marketing team or visit your local Athlon site.

Car Sharing

Car2Use: Plan. Book. Go.

Did you know that most cars are in motion only 5% of the time? Yes, you read that right. This means the time they spend parked is 95%. And there’s a good chance your lease cars aren’t any different. Not that efficient, right?

Ever thought about car sharing? With Athlon’s Car2Use your lease cars are on the move more often. Employees can book a vehicle using the Car2Use app. So no worries about planning and administration.


  • Efficient vehicle use
  • Available for all employees
  • Easy to use via online app
  • Insight into usage, costs and availability

Mobility Budget

Smart Move!

From commuters to lease drivers, each travels from A to B. Some might travel more than others, everyone has their own way of travelling. Mobility is relevant for all of us. With the Athlon Mobility Budget, you let your employees set up their own business trips. They choose their mode of transport and you have full insight into their expenses.

Personal & flexible mobility: an essential employee benefit.


  • Customized mobility
  • 24/7 Insight into journeys, costs, compensations
  • Encourages sustainable travelling
  • Financial incentives stimulate travel behavior