Athlon takes measures related to coronavirus

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Due to the Luxemburgish guidelines presented with the coronavirus, Athlon Luxembourg immediately took additional measures within the organization. These measures can be further adjusted where necessary, following the national guidelines ( ). The current measures shall take effect from today until further notice.


What does it mean? Most of the employees of Athlon in Luxembourg who are able to do so, work from home as of now. Physical meetings with suppliers and customer visits are proactively moved or held via digital channels.


Getting you there, even when we work remotely

Although a large part of our employees are not present in the office, we are of course ready for our customers. We will try to limit the impact of these measures on our customers and services as much as we can.


We are 'Getting you there' as you are used to from us.

You can use the known (digital) channels and contact your regular contact person.

For other questions, please contact your regular contact.


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