Athlon adds e-Bike to ChangeMyCar app

    Wednesday, September 18, 2019

    Flexible use of lease car and e-Bike in just one subscription

    Athlon's flexible ChangeMyCar lease app has expanded its offer. From now on, it’s possible to also lease an e-Bike. Employees can use the mobility budget in the app to combine both modes of transport. Users can also adapt their preferences every month to suit changing needs.

    Athlon ChangeMyCar adds e-bike

    The e-Bike was added in response to changing customer demand, says Niels van den Hoogen, Commercial Director of Athlon Nederland. "ChangeMyCar is proving a huge step forward for employers and corporate drivers and gives an extra dimension to traditional leasing. The number of users has continued to increase since its launch, which offers plenty of scope for growth. Adding the e-Bike is the first step in that direction."

    Paul Bouwmeester, Innovation Manager and co-founder of ChangeMyCar adds: "We’ve seen a steady growth in demand for our flexible corporate lease solution. As a product, ChangeMyCar was initially in addition to the lease car, but is rapidly becoming an alternative for the entire leased fleet. We now see a demand for a solution that goes much further than flexibility in the form of a vehicle. What’s more, the new tax regulations make lease e-Bikes a great option for employees."

    Flexible option: e-Bike and lease car

    The ChangeMyCar principle stays the same, but from now on, employees with a mobility budget for a lease vehicle have the option of adding an e-Bike. This gives them access to a car as well as a bicycle, for more comfortable, flexible business trips without a lengthy contract. If employees decide they don’t need a bike anymore, or prefer to use the entire budget for a car, they can update their preferences in the app. When the employee leaves the company, employers can return the car and e-Bike free of charge.

    One size fits all: e-Bike from VanMoof

    The e-Bike in the ChangeMyCar offer is manufactured by VanMoof. Athlon chose the VanMoof Electrified S2 for its design and because these e-Bikes are interchangeable and of high quality.

    About ChangeMyCar

    With ChangeMyCar, for the price of a ‘regular lease car’, someone can start swiping through the app to find a car for their needs. Found a match? The car will be delivered next day to the preferred location. And this flexibility’s built-in – employees can switch cars every month at no extra cost. What if the employee, the car or the project are no longer a match? They simply bring the car back. For full details about ChangeMyCar visit our page.

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